Jun 25, 2017

Open the Window

"Open the Window" is published by Froebel House, South Korea. Part 2 of the Think in English series. Here is a few spreads from the book:

Belated Announcement

My first child, Cal was born in April 2015. Since then, I realise that I have completely neglected my blog and any updating of news. Understandably, there has not been as much to report but I was shocked to discover that my last entry was over 2 years ago!

Huge apologies to anybody that has been kind enough to visit my site and I promise to get back to posting regular updates again. In the meantime, here is a picture of Cal (Now two-years-old).

Sep 1, 2014

Illustrators For War Child

I am donating an original spread from THE GREAT SHEEP SHENANIGANS to be auctioned for "Illustrators for War Child" - a charity auction set up and put together by the wonderful Illustrator Leigh Hodgkinson. The auction will run until Sunday 7 September 2014 on ebay and includes the following brilliant artists:

Alison Murrey, Axel Scheffler, Babette Cole, Cally Johnson-Isaacs, Chris Haughton, Christine Pym, Clara Vulliamy, Clayton Junior, Clive Mcfarland, Daisy Hirst, David Melling, David Roberts, Ed Vere, Elys Dolan, Gabriel Alborozo, Guy Parker Rees, Gwen Millward, Helen Hancock,Holly SurpliceHolly Swain, Jane Porter, Janis Goodman, Jenny Bowers, Jim Field, Jo Lodge, Joe Berger, Jonathan Woodward, Katharine McEwen, Katherina Manolessou, Kevin Waldron, Leigh Hodgkinson, Louise Yates, Mark Chambers, Marta Altes, Mia Nilsson, Monika Forsberg, Nadia Shireen, Nicky O'Byrne, Nicola Killen, Nicola Pontin, Nikki Dyson, Paul Thurlby, Penny Dale, Rebecca Cobb, Sharon King-Chai, Sophie Allsopp, Steve May, Steven Lenton, Tim Hopgood, Tom McLaughlin, Tor Freeman, Viviane Schwarz, Yasmeen Ismail,Yokococo

The website is:

Ebay auction site:

Please take a look as there are lots of amazing pieces on there!


Jan 31, 2014

The Three Little Pigs

A new version of The Three Little Pigs (For First Readers) is now available from Marks and Spencer.

It was originally published as part of eight classic fairy tales collection (Below) by Parragon.

It's nice to see it as a separate book of it's own with the original front cover - I hope you will take a look next time you're in M&S!

Aug 1, 2013

TGBH launches today!!!

Our new book THE GREAT BALLOON HULLABALLOO is published today!


Please do check it out if you are near a bookshop and I hope you enjoy it!

Jul 5, 2013


Children at a school in Izmir, Turkey have put together and performed a play based on "Karda Ayak Izleri" - the Turkish translation of my book "Footprints in the Snow"; published by Andersen Press UK (and by Kir Cicegi in Turkey).

The book has been really well received in the country; with 400 copies being bought by the Turkish Ministry of Culture for public libraries. I am overwhelmed by the fact that "Footprints..." was chosen as the story that they wanted to perform for their end-of-year play - they even printed and made all of their costumes by themselves!

Thank you so much to fellow author Arslan Sayman for directing their performance (And for the pictures) and of course a huge thanks to the children themselves!